What is rDrafts?

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rDrafts is a third party application that lets you draft a Reddit post, preview it, share it with others, save it for later, and ultimately submit it to Reddit. We created rDrafts to make it easier to plan a Reddit post ahead of time such as AMAs, long-form text posts, announcements by moderators, and late night inspirations.

You should not use rDrafts if you do not have prior experience submitting posts to Reddit. Visit our website to learn more about Reddit.

This application interfaces with Reddit, but has no affiliation with reddit inc.

Things You Should Know

  • Reddit is a community of people. Respect the community by adhering to their etiquette and rules.
  • rDrafts was created by GroupSRC. We are an independent consulting firm and we specialize in helping businesses and leaders engage the Reddit platform responsibily. We have no affiliation with Reddit.

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